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Vector Festival 2020

A to Z Experimental Chatroom visits the past, present, and future of experimental communication software. In this part-seminar/part-demo workshop, we will be learning and considering how chatrooms built during Web 1.0 and 2.0 shaped an evolution of user habits and social relations. Then we will imagine and explore alternative modes of social gathering and community organizing through prototyping and play. At the end of the workshop, we will distribute technical tutorials and resources for those interested in building their own experimental chatrooms.

This workshop is Pay-What-You-Can. Please note that the fee can be waived if it is a financial barrier to participation. Send an email to education@interaccess.org and we will manually register you to the workshop. Once registered, you will receive an email with a Zoom event link on the day of the workshop.

Friday July 17th, 2020 14:00 EST

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Xin Xin

Xin Xin is a Taiwanese / American artist and community organizer working at the intersection of technology, labor, and identity. Xin co-founded voidLab, a LA-based intersectional feminist collective dedicated to women, trans, and queer folks. They were the Director and Lead Organizer for Processing Community Day 2019, a worldwide initiative celebrating art, code, and diversity, and they currently serve on the advisory board for the Processing Foundation. Their work has been exhibited and screened at Ars Electronica, DIS, Gene Siskel Film Center, Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Machine Project. Xin received their M.F.A from UCLA Design Media Arts and teaches at Parsons School of Design as an Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design.

Image: Xin Xin, created with p5.js, 2020.

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